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"Our child centred Turtle Tots classes use singing, toys and games to teach water confidence, vital life saving skills and to have fun.  Using the latest research in baby development we promote baby led swimming with great opportunities for independent choosing in both our baby and toddler programme. They offer amazing bonding time whether your baby is weeks old or you have an older toddler and are a working parent.   They also have the added benefit of giving you a toning workout, having been endorsed by a personal trainer, each class burning off up to 250Kcal! The classes last 30 minutes and are grouped into terms of 7-10 classes, with breaks for school holidays.  We have 5 Baby levels and a further 7 toddler levels and offer the opportunity for your little person to swim with us until they turn 3. We always try to offer a catch up class where possible if you should miss one, for example due to illness or holiday. We also run classes at the beginning of the parenting journey through our Turtle Tums Aqua Natal classes.   Our Turtle Tums classes use adapted yoga practices and gentle exercise to promote flexibility, relaxation and bonding with your unborn baby. Classes include breathing techniques to help in labour, pelvic floor toning and gentle stretching and toning exercises using adapted yoga postures specifically for the water. By exercising in the low gravity, supportive environment of water you can adopt positions you never could on land and it makes you feel almost weightless- a joy as you get into the later stages of pregnancy!  You can start the course anytime from 14 weeks of pregnancy. The classes last 45 minutes and are run as courses of 3,4 or 5 classes.


A percentage of all class fees is donated to charity- our chosen charity is Balloons (the Exeter Child Bereavement charity) and Escape in Taunton, but we also support other local charities and have recently supported Hands on For Leo, ELF and Sands & Clic."